New VIC clinic to fight glaucoma

The Victorian Government will allocate $200,000 in a new clinic providing specialist preventive care for patients at risk of glaucoma.

QLD Stolen Wages Reparations Scheme opens

The Queensland $21 million stolen wages reparations scheme is open for applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders whose wages or savings were stolen by previous governments.

Safety technology for women and children

Victorian women and children who experience family violence will soon have access to innovative technology to help keep them safer in their homes and communities.

Caring for Ageing Rural Australians grants

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal today announced 44 recipients of grants through its Caring for Ageing Rural Australians program.

Finalists for the 2016 Australian of the Year awards

As 2015 draws to a close we take a look at inspiring Australians currently in the running for the 2016 Australian of the Year Awards.

The Force is strong with Australian blood donors

What do Luke, Han, Finn, Leia, Rey, Anakin and Obi all have in common?

Australia Post or FedEx parcel delivery scams

Watch out for fake parcel delivery scams arriving in your inbox this Christmas, after $80,000 was reported lost to the ACCC this year, with 1,360 complaints.

20 Million Trees Programme continues sprouting

Australian local communities are getting ready to plant around 1.3 million trees as part of the Australian Government's 20 Million Trees Programme.

More Australians reaching 100

More Australians than ever before are qualifying for birthday wishes from the Queen, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today.

Keep Christmas calories in check

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the amount of effort it takes to use up the calories we eat is really scary.

Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook December 2015

The MYEFO statement delivered by the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison will make funding cuts to pathology, diagnostic imaging and aged care, providing it passes the Senate.

Only lonely for some

Living alone can make some people feel lonelier and less satisfied with life, according to new research released today by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Solar funds for community organisations in VIC and QLD

The Federal Government is helping community organisations in Victoria and Queensland to lower their electricity bills under the Solar Towns Programme.

Prime Minister's Literary Awards 2015 winners

The 2015 winning authors were commended for sharing their Australian stories which capture the complexity of contemporary life and insightfully reflect on the past.

Drivers urged to take care to avoid Christmas road carnage

This Christmas Queensland is saluting ‘dry drivers’ who do their bit to keep their family and friends safe on the roads.

Fire refuge opened in time for summer

A community fire refuge in the Yarra Ranges which will provide another last-resort shelter for people threatened by significant fires has been oficially opened.

Court gives Nurofen specific pain

Federal Court has found that Reckitt Benckiser, Nurofen's manufacturer, engaged in misleading conduct by saying Nurofen products treated specific different types of pain but didn't.

Loneliness can be a killer

A new study from the United States’ National Institutes of Health shows that loneliness can increase the risk of premature death in older adults by as much as 14%, Forbes reports.

Rooming house protections for Victoria’s vulnerable

A new Bill introduced to the Parliament last week, will help protect some of Victoria’s most vulnerable residents from unscrupulous rooming house operators.

Veteran support - Christmas period

Support services for veterans will continue to be available throughout the Christmas period.

Marrakesh Treaty helps vision impaired to access books

Australia has joined an international treaty that will help an estimated 285 million people with vision impairment worldwide enjoy greater access to books and overcome copyright barriers.